About Me

Adult-In-Progress Definition - About Me Page (2)After reading multiple articles on how to write an ‘About Me’ page without sounding like a douche, I just want to be straightforward.

Here’s the deal: My name is Emily. I’m 24 and still figuring out how to Adult. I studied Creative Writing in college and spent that time working in kitchens and cafes around the Ann Arbor (A2)/Ypsilanti (pronounced Ip-sil-an-tee/lovingly referred to as Ypsi = Ip-see), MI area. I ate up as much food and knowledge as I could stuff myself with and graduated from college in 2014, thinking that having that framed certificate of a degree would officially make me an Adult.

Turns out, it doesn’t work that way. I consider my current station in life to be an Adult-In-Progress; A twenty-something who is still daunted by becoming a full-fledged Adult, but doing their best to take it one bite at a time. I get stressed out, frustrated, excited and you get to read about it. I hope that some of my stories and shenanigans will resonate with you, or at least make you smirk.about-me-page-collage-love-is-kneaded-2

Apparently, I ate so much pizza in college that my stomach got tired of it and decided to wage war on all things dairy and wheat. In an ironically awesome twist of fate, I’m working as a Technical Writer for a national pizza chain while being lactose and gluten intolerant. On top of that, I’ve grown more environmentally conscious in the last year and have chosen to give up meat to help reduce my contribution to climate change. Plant-based diets, ftw! Living in the Downriver area of Michigan, where it’s as ‘Murican as food can get (meat, wheat, cheese), makes my diet even harder but it forces me to come up with some interesting dinner ideas.

Managing early adulthood is a lot easier when you’ve got a buddy, and my partner, Bronson, along with our two Tuxedo cats, Olaf (“Fatty”) and Bells (“Kitten”), make this whole growing up thing a lot less scary.

Love is Kneaded is my space to cook, bake, rant, rave, swear and share recipes with anyone who will read. Join me on the strugglebus into Adulthood! I’ll figure it out eventually, right?