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Mistakes I’ve Consumed since becoming Vegan

Read about the mistakes that I’ve eaten since becoming vegan to avoid them yourself!

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My Instagram Photo was Credited on PETA.com!

One of my Instagram posts was featured in an article on PETA.com!

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Why I Chose to Start Eating a Plant-Based Diet

I’ve decided to change the way that I eat and eat a plant-based diet, and I want to talk about my reasons why. I’ll do my best to do this without sounding like a holier-than-thou yuppie. I’m giving up meat for a different reason than you might assume – climate change. I am terrified of climate change.… Continue reading Why I Chose to Start Eating a Plant-Based Diet

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DIY Vanilla Extract

Did you know that you can make your own extracts? You won’t believe how simple it is…


I’m now a ‘Passionate Person’ on Coco Loves Kitsch!

Look, internet! I’m famous! Don’t worry, I’m not about to steal Leo’s brand-new Oscar. A dear friend of my family, Carol Gatewood, wrote a post about me and Love is Kneaded on her blog, Coco Loves Kitsch! Carol interviews people that she knows who are passionate about a particular subject/hobby. I felt so special (and… Continue reading I’m now a ‘Passionate Person’ on Coco Loves Kitsch!


Here’s a Great Grain Tip!

Have you ever tried to make beautiful, perfectly steamed Basmati rice, each grain a perfectly singular individual? That kind of awesome, fragrant, smooth rice? I have, many times, and I’d never gotten it right. I didn’t know what I was missing. I bought more expensive rice, different kinds, I tried steaming it in different amounts… Continue reading Here’s a Great Grain Tip!

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Let’s Shut Up About Cupcakes

I have never liked cupcakes much, I’ve only made them once in the last three years. To make them, you have to put those little liners into every single cup in the cupcake pan, scoop the same amount of batter into each cup, frost them all, and then decorate each and every one of them! I’m always exhausted after making cupcakes. … Continue reading Let’s Shut Up About Cupcakes

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What to do with Leftover Sauces…

The other day, my friend, Amanda, came over. Whenever she and I get together, we end up having some awesome food experience. Sometimes we become mad scientists in the kitchen and whip up a crazy meal, other times we go to the Farmers’ Market together, and for our latest food adventure we ordered Indian food.… Continue reading What to do with Leftover Sauces…

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Trail Mix Tip!

Trail mix has become one of my favorite snacks. It’s easy to mix up, portable, and super tasty. I often get hungry in the middle of class, so I’ve taken to throwing a snack mix together on my way out in the morning. Almost anything can work in a trail mix – nuts, a few… Continue reading Trail Mix Tip!


My Mug Collection

I have a confession to make. I am obsessed with mugs. I love finding quirky ones on random websites or small home stores or bookstores. I’ve been collecting mugs since I was ten. It started as a few mugs in the back of my mother’s cupboard, but over the past nine years, my collection has… Continue reading My Mug Collection