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Vegan Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Easy vegan, gluten-free, chocolate chip pancakes for weekend brunches and weekday dinners!

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Vegan Lavender Frosting

You’ll never believe that this creamy and delicious, spring-y lavender frosting is vegan!

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Happy Cake

When good things happen, people usually celebrate with cake. Birthday? Cake. Wedding? Cake. Graduation? Cake. Pretty much, when you encounter a big life event, you get a cake. There’s a gap in celebration cakes between graduating high school/college and getting married (besides birthdays), but I just became one step closer to being a real Adult… Continue reading Happy Cake

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Mocha Layer Cake 2016

Coffee and Chocolate come together to make a ridiculously rich Mocha Layer Cake…

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Hot Cocoa Cake

I realized that I miss making ridiculous cakes. I miss getting an outrageous, albeit gluttonous, idea in my head and executing it into an undeniably delicious, attention-grabbing cake to be really proud of. This past Sunday, I’d had a pretty boring day and needed to do something awesome. I decided to bake a snazzy cake… Continue reading Hot Cocoa Cake

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Wishing for A Real Winter, But I’ll Take Some Coffee Cake

Hello, internet! Happy New Year! I hope that everyone had a lovely holiday!  It feels like Michigan is turning into Seattle. Our ‘winter’ has been mild, bleak and rainy. This past Sunday, I was sitting in front of my living room window with my arms crossed, glaring at the sparse green grass and thinking about… Continue reading Wishing for A Real Winter, But I’ll Take Some Coffee Cake

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Dairy Free Chocolate Frosting!

  Hello, Internet! Happy Fall!  The leaves are finally changing in Michigan and I’m so happy to be spending this weekend in Ann Arbor. There’s nothing like A2 in fall, the city of trees is on fire with color! My brother came into town for the weekend and I trooped down from my new apartment… Continue reading Dairy Free Chocolate Frosting!

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Let’s Shut Up About Cupcakes

I have never liked cupcakes much, I’ve only made them once in the last three years. To make them, you have to put those little liners into every single cup in the cupcake pan, scoop the same amount of batter into each cup, frost them all, and then decorate each and every one of them! I’m always exhausted after making cupcakes. … Continue reading Let’s Shut Up About Cupcakes

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A Wedding ‘Cake’ for Kenzie

One of my best friends, Mackenzie, got married to the love of her life, Aaron, this past Saturday. As it is well known by this point, I love to bake cakes for people and special occasions. I offered my services to bake their wedding cake as my gift to them. Wedding cakes can end up… Continue reading A Wedding ‘Cake’ for Kenzie

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Dusting off the cobwebs for a Black Forest Torte 2015

*Dusting off the cobwebs with an old fashioned feather duster*   Hoo! It’s been a while, three whole years. And I’ve done so many amazing and interesting things! At the time of my last post, winter-ish of 2012, I had just gotten a job at The Ravens Club as a Food Runner/Expo. That winter, I got… Continue reading Dusting off the cobwebs for a Black Forest Torte 2015