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Vegan Chocolate Chip Pancakes

My perfectionism comes into play with this blog a lot, because whether something I make fails miserably or just doesn’t turn out exactly as I hoped it would, I don’t want to post it. But then I get into a rut where my creations keep turning out terribly or just slightly off and I feel like I have nothing to post and then it’s been a month and dust is collecting on my laptop and I still haven’t posted.

My friends keep telling me to post my mistakes and womp-womps anyway to share my experiments/experiences because I’m not the only one struggling. Being vegan is hard, and being gluten-free is hard, but being a gluten-free vegan is really hard. I need to remember to cut myself more (or some, in the first place) slack when it comes to creating. I’m working without most of the staples in the typical human diet – meat, eggs, dairy, wheat – so it’s going to be harder to recreate the recipes that I used to love.

Like chocolate chip pancakes; they’ve always been my favorite food. It doesn’t matter what day, what time of day or what type of day it’s been, chocolate chip pancakes always sound good. And when I went vegan, I felt like I had to give them up because all the recipes that I saw either contained those random ingredients that no one actually has on-hand, or they just didn’t come out the same – rubbery, somehow still undercooked after 10 minutes.

I was recommended a super simple pancake recipe by a commenter on Instagram, and I adapted this recipe from it. These ended up being the best vegan pancakes that I’ve made yet! The batter was easy to whip up and as it cooked over a medium-low heat, I was amazed by how tall the pancakes grew! And then, when I flipped them and saw that lovely, perfect golden-brown cake on the first side…they deflated. A lot.

I think that some of the deflation was from the amount of force that went into flipping the pancakes. The batter was thick, but it was also very light, and I had trouble getting the pancake off my spatula to flip it. I felt as though I had to smack the pancake down on the griddle to release the heat suction between the cake and my spatula.

Flat as they were, they tasted just like my chocolate chip pancakes used to. I’m looking forward to making these again and trying to figure out how to make them sturdier. Maybe a banana? I’ll keep you all posted!

Love is Kneaded Vegan GF Pancakes (1)




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