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My Instagram Photo was Credited on PETA.com!

Do you ever get a weird feeling to do something? As though the universe is literally pulling your hand in one direction to do something, even though you wonder why you’re doing it as you’re doing it? That was me yesterday afternoon.

I realized on Monday that I’d still been consuming fish sauce in my beloved Pad Si Ew, so I looked up items that contain animal products that I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. Of course, the first article led me to PETA.com, where I found multiple, comprehensive lists of vegan-friendly food items and drinks.

I kept scrolling through the site after I’d finished reading, even though I knew I should get on to doing other things. I scrolled through pages, not actually planning to open any articles, I just kept digging into the website. I passed an article on vegan food in Detroit and thought, “Oh, cool”, but kept going. A few pages later, I found another article on vegan food in Detroit, but this time, I felt compelled to stop and read it.

The typical places popped up in the photos from local Detroit Instagrammers – Seva, Detroit Vegan Soul – and I just kept mindlessly scrolling through the photos.

I scrolled past another Instagram photo, but as soon as I did, I realized that it looked familiar somehow…I scrolled back up. 

How did I know that picture?……

Oh, that’s right. IT’S MINE!!!!

I had no idea that my photo of Johnny Noodle King’s miso ramen bowl was used in this PETA article! I was kind of surprised, I figured that they would have given me a heads up, but I guess they don’t really have to since they give me the credit in the Instagram photo? Either way, that’s my photo and I’m credited in an article on PETA.com!

Here’s the link to the PETA article about all of the fantastic vegan food in Detroit:


I probably won’t stop geeking about this for a while.


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