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The Proper Way to Cut a Bell Pepper

I have something to confess. I’ve been cutting bell peppers the wrong way my entire life.

When I was young, I watched my mom cut bell peppers by plunging her knife into the top and cutting a circle around the stem. Then, she would reach into the pepper, pull out the core with her hands, slice the pepper in half and saw the white ribs out from the inside of the deeply-curved pepper. When the pepper was diced, we always ended up with those U-shaped bits from the top and bottom curve of the pepper.

In all honesty, it doesn’t really matter, it’s still a pepper. But I’ve been trying to hold myself to higher standards in my cooking, including consistency in my cuts. When I worked at The Ravens Club as the pastry cook, I would sometimes need to help prep entrees, and the chef gave me such shit for my inconsistent cuts. So I actually googled the proper way to cut a bell pepper for precise, even pieces.

You start by cutting off the rounded top of the pepper, just below where the stem is. Then, cut off the rounded bottom half of the pepper.

Once you have a bell pepper that can stand up on its own, make a cut in the pepper next to one of the white ribs. Then, unroll it!


Discard the core and start slicing the pepper into even strips. You can cut down the white ribs much more easily now. Keep the pepper as slices or dice it, but whatever you do, those pepper pieces will be even AF.

Now you can do awesome things like this!

mrvFy1s - Imgur
Courtesy of – R/Woahdude

Although, you should always cut a bell pepper with the inside facing up. It’s much easier than trying to push your knife through the pepper’s tough skin.

Happy chopping!


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