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Herbed Brinner Hash

Sunday night, I was craving some Brinner. You know, Breakfast for Dinner = Brinner. I wanted to make a hearty hash that would leave me feeling warm and satisfied in my core, without making a giant pile of dishes. I got this image in my head of smoky, herbed sliced potatoes with peppers and turkey sausage. Spices like chili powder, cumin and cayenne with some nice herbs to round out the flavor and separate it from being a Cajun-esque dish.

I started by halving 3 red potatoes, about the size of my fist, and then thinly slicing those suckers. I decided to try soaking them in water for a bit first to pull out some of that starchiness and hopefully help the potatoes crisp up a bit. I let the potatoes soak for about 30 minutes, but this trick works better the longer you soak the potatoes, up to 24 hours (Excellent for french fries!). I poured enough olive oil into my frying pan to cover the bottom and let it warm up. When the oil sizzled as I flung water at it, I added my potatoes with salt and pepper and made sure to toss them around so that each got coated with oil. I kept that on a medium heat, stirring occasionally, while I diced up a red pepper and an onion. Looking back (or forward, for the next time I make this?), using some more peppers of different colors would have added a nice touch. Some visual vibrancy!

After the potatoes had a few minutes to start cooking, I threw in the diced veggies and mixed it all around. I added more oil to the pan as the veggies were cooking so that nothing would stick. I coined 2 turkey sausage links and added them next. When it all started to cook together, I sprinkled in my spices. I started with chili powder, cumin, smoked paprika, minced garlic, thyme and some spicy oregano from Momsie! I kept going back for more cumin, smoked paprika and chili powder to give the dish that warm, low kind of spice, without actually being spicy. It was a really nice contrast to the herbs.


I kept wanting to add more salt to distinguish each of the flavors, but instead I added some lemon juice! I recently read that using an acid like citrus or vinegar will add the same kind of tang to your dish as salt, without giving you a heart attack in 10 years! I just splashed a little bit at a time over the pan, making sure to fully mix and taste before I added any more. The lemon juice gave the dish the bright acidity that I was looking for.

Once everything was hot, spiced, herbed and delicious, I fried up some eggs in a separate pan to serve over top of the hash. Over easy, of course, for extra richness. Having the soft egg and yolk over everything gave the dish a lovely, rich creaminess. It was an excellent blend with the smoky paprika. I found myself digging through my plate to find more bits of egg that I could scoop into one bite with a piece of sausage or pepper.

This dinner totally satisfied my Brinner craving. This was an easy, low-key dinner to make that was still very rich – everything a Sunday needs. I hope that you enjoy it! And, if you know how to make crispy breakfast potatoes, leave a comment and share the knowledge!


Recipe for Smoky, Herbed Breakfast Hash

3 red potatoes, halved and sliced thin
1 onion, diced
1 red pepper, diced
1 green/yellow/orange pepper for more color, diced
1 package (2 links) Turkey Sausage, coined
1 egg for each serving, over-easy
Olive oil
Lemon Juice, dashes
1 clove garlic, minced
1 ½ tsp Cumin
3 tsp Chili Powder
1 tsp Red Pepper Flakes
1 T Spicy Oregano
2 tsp Thyme
1 T Smoked Paprika
1 tsp Cayenne Pepper

Soak sliced potatoes in water for at least 30 minutes, but can be up to 24 hours. Add a hefty amount of oil to large frying pan. When hot, add potatoes, salt and pepper. Flip/Turn potatoes every few minutes to avoid burning. When potatoes are mostly cooked, add peppers and onions. When those are mostly cooked, add coined turkey sausage. Add more oil to pan as needed. Add spices and stir. If needs more bite, but not more salt, drizzle lemon juice over pan and mix.  When ready to eat, fry eggs over easy in a separate pan. Serve egg on top of hash.


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