Bitchin’ Bacon Apple Cinnamon Rolls

Yes, you read that correctly. Bacon. Apple. Cinnamon. All wrapped together into one giant, fluffy, sweet roll of goodness. The idea occurred to me after seeing a post on Pinterest about rolling apples into a cinnamon roll. Great idea, right? But what if you add bacon too? When you mix bacon with something sweet like cinnamon or chocolate, the flavor becomes a luxurious, smoky, saltiness. I used thick-cut maple bacon and honey-crisp apples in these mega rolls. I wanted a bacon that would really accent the cinnamon well, and I chose to use a honey-crisp apple because I wanted a real, apple-y apple flavor without the tartness.  

I would have loved to make these from scratch, but for the first time around, I chose to experiment with a cheap, easy starting point – Hello, Pillsbury Doughboy. I popped open the can (the loud crack scared the crap out of the cats, but it kept them out of the kitchen for once) and unrolled the cinnamon buns. I cut the honey-crisp apple into thin slices and halved them, then placed them on the unrolled rolls, about an inch apart from each other. Next, I cut the bacon, already cooked, into sizeable chunks, and placed them in between the apples. 
Then came the challenge of re-rolling the unrolled cinnamon rolls. Yep. It wasn’t difficult, just slippery. Some of the cinnamon filling came off, but I just brushed it back over top of the cinnamon rolls when they were on the baking sheet. 

I followed the basic directions and baked them for about 25 minutes at 350 degrees. When they were lightly browned, I pulled them out of the oven and immediately laid the glaze over top of them. 

These rolls were amazing! Like I said earlier, the savory saltiness of the bacon added great depth and contrast to the sweet icing and warm cinnamon. My friend, Mary, was over while I was making these, and she asked if I would make these for her birthday instead of a birthday cake. Before I had popped these suckers in the oven, she was telling me about how she wouldn’t want one, because she doesn’t like baked apples! Mary and I each ate one, and then split a second. Bronson ate the other three. It was a Friday night, we were willing to spend the night on the couch, nursing food comas. 

I hope that you all enjoy these incredibly bitchin’ bacon apple cinnamon rolls as much as we did. What do you think, bacon in desserts – yay or nay?


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