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S’mores on the George Foreman Grill…..

Earlier this summer, I posted a recipe for Banana S’mores. All summer I’ve been wanting a real, perfect S’more. The banana S’more was good, but nothing does it like a crunchy, melty, gooey, warm S’more. A few nights ago, I realized how badly I needed one. And I needed it NOW. Last week, my mother decided that I needed a George Foreman grill. She bought me one and I have been using it quite frequently.  At work, I used a grill to press all of the sandwiches and now I can do that at home! But better than regular sandwiches, I realized in my desperation for a S’more that I could make one without having to spark up the bonfire and campfire songs.

In my first attempts at the grilled S’more (as you can see, I ended up making plenty), I didn’t toast the marshmallows beforehand. They turned out alright, definitely not as melty. It would definitely work if you don’t have the patience or time to perfectly toast a marshmallow. 

I decided to toast two marshmallows with one hand, inspired by ‘killing two birds with one stone’

I decided to line my grill with aluminum foil so that in case any marshmallows overflowed onto the grill (which ended up happening to some). I didn’t want to have to scrape burnt marshmallow off of my grill later. I placed two graham crackers, broken in half, on the aluminum foil and then put my toasted marshmallows on top.

Then I simply topped off my S’mores with squares of milk chocolate and another graham cracker. I closed my George Foreman and let it warm for about 5 minutes.

I pulled my S’mores off of the grill when the corners of the chocolate were nice and melty. I transferred the S’mores to a plate. And then I made S’more after S’more until I had no chocolate bars left. I needed a S’more before the weather turned cold, and I knew that if I made a S’more after that night it wouldn’t have the magic. Call me sentimental…I also didn’t want to make a habit of making late-night S’mores on my grill, so I made sure to use all of the chocolate.

I delivered a plate of these S’mores to the building next door, where the guys were hanging out with some neighbors. I decided to be neighborly and give my creation to the public. If Michelangelo shared the Sistine Chapel with the world, then I could share my incredibly quick S’mores.
Process of making S’mores on the George Foreman grill:
All the ingredients of traditional S’mores are needed – chocolate bars, graham crackers and marshmallows
Place a sheet of aluminum foil over the grill plates. Toast a marshmallow over a stove top to your preference (mine were a lovely golden brown). Place a graham cracker on the bottom of the grill. Place the toasted marshmallow on top of the graham cracker, then top it off with a square of chocolate and another graham cracker. Pull the top of the grill down on top of the S’mores and let it warm for five minutes. The S’more is ready when the corners of the chocolate bars are melting. 

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