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Spring Hot Chocolate

I think that spring is still a great time for hot chocolate. The days are warm, but in the evenings when it gets a bit chilly, nothing tastes better than a mug of hot chocolate. Ty’s friend, Colin, and his girlfriend (and by pal), Alli, came into town from Chicago a few days ago, and the night they came in my roommates and I held a gathering at our place. I decided that it was the perfect time to break out my signature drink from The Chocolate House – Strawberry White Hot Chocolate. I really think that this hot chocolate fits the season of spring because it’s very light and little fruity. Alli jumped in and helped me make it.

We started with half a bag of white chocolate chips in the bottom of a saucepan and let them melt.

I just realized that this picture is blurry! I’m so sorry, everybody! I like to pride myself on taking decent pictures, but this is awful. I promise that I will always double check my photos from now on.

Next, we added about a half gallon of milk and a carton of heavy whipping cream because I had it on hand…(That strange-looking thing is the spoon that we stirred it with, I wasn’t sure if that would be obvious or not…)

…And we let that all melt together, stirring constantly so that none of the chocolate chips stuck to the bottom. At this point, we realized that we had a lot of people to feed, so we added in the rest of the white chocolate chips from the bag and the rest of the gallon of milk.

When that all came together, we added four drops of this stuff…Lorann Oils Strawberry Flavor.

This is the flavoring that we used to use in The Chocolate House. You can use it in so many things; cakes, drinks, candies, etc. It’s available at Lorannoils.com and at some craft and grocery stores. This flavoring tastes like a super sweet strawberry and it is very strong. After we added the four drops of the flavoring, we stirred the hot chocolate around so that the strawberry really mixed in. 

Then Alli took over and started running the kitchen like it was a cafe’. She would take each person’s hot chocolate order (whether they wanted marshmallows or whipped cream) and then yell them back to me. She was in charge of ladeling the hot chocolate in the mugs, and I was the toppings master. Everyone asked for both marshmallows and whipped cream, which wasn’t a surprise. The spring hot chocolate tasted like a white chocolate-covered strawberry.  It was sweet and creamy. Everyone gushed about it so Alli and I gave ourselves a big high-five.

Dishing out hot chocolate and filling whipped cream orders really made me miss The Chocolate House. I’ve been trying to find another job in a cafe’, but I haven’t gotten anywhere yet. For now, I’ll just have to keep my barista skills up by making drinks for my friends. Not that I mind : )

Recipe for Strawberry White Hot Chocolate:

1 gallon of milk
1 carton of heavy whipping cream (optional)
1 bag of white chocolate chips
Strawberry Flavoring

Pour white chocolate chips into a large saucepan and turn burner to a low heat. Stir the chocolate chips around as they start to melt so that they will not burn. When the chocolate starts to melt, pour in some of the milk and the heavy whipping cream. Turn up the burner to a higher heat so that the chocolate chips will keep melting and mix into the milk and cream. Stir constantly. When the chocolate, milk and cream combine, add the rest of the milk and stir together. Let the hot chocolate reach your preferred temperature and then add in four drops of strawberry flavoring. Stir together and serve! 


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