Whipped Cream!

After I made the torte last week, I had some heavy whipping cream leftover. I make sure to use all of the cream when I have it because it’s one of those things that is great to have in the fridge, but doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense to buy all the time because it doesn’t show up in many recipes. There are a couple different things that I like to do with whipping cream when I have it in my possession. As you might remember, the last time I had whipping cream I made those cream Jell-Os. This time, I made whipped cream!

I first made my own whipped cream on my Prom night back in high school, while I was in my Prom dress! (Don’t tell my mother, she’ll kill me for having endangered my dress like that) Ty and I were having our pre-Prom dinner at a friend’s house, she wanted to cook our party a huge dinner before we went to the venue. I offered my help and was put in charge of making the whipped cream to dip fruit into for dessert. I stood by the counter in my Prom dress and stared at the carton of whipping cream in my hands for a long time. My friend finally noticed and pointed to the mixer with the whisk attachment on the counter. Suddenly, it clicked.

I began this time with 1 and 2/3 cups of heavy whipping cream (that was all that I had leftover) in my mixer with the whisk attachment.

Next, I cranked the power to 10 and watched that cream fly!

I let the mixer go like this for a few minutes (3-4) and watched the cream as it changed. First it got foamy, then it got frothy, and then it started getting firm. The fresher the cream, the firmer it will be in the end product. My cream was not ‘brand-new’ fresh, but ‘unexpired’ fresh. 

This is what the cream looked like when it was just getting frothy…

…And this is my cream as whipped as it got, which is more than it is in the previous picture.

In the stage of frothiness, I added 4 tablespoons of powdered sugar, a teaspoon of vanilla extract and 1/4 cup milk. These all help to round out the flavor of the cream, because sometimes it can end up with a strange sour note. I think that whipped cream is one of the easiest things to make (if you have a mixer with a whisk attachment, whisking by hand will always be a bitch, sorry) because there’s no specific recipe for it. It’s not exactly 4 tablespoons of powdered sugar, or exactly 1/4 cup milk, it all changes on how you want the cream to taste. 

One thing to watch out for when making whipped cream is that because the mixer is whisking so fast, the cream splatters a little bit. It’s not horribly messy, I didn’t actually have any cream splatters on my counter, just a few on my nose that jumped out of the mixer. On Prom night my dress didn’t have a stain on it… just a hole in the layer of chiffon in the back where one of my heels poked through as I climbed out of the car to the Prom venue…I don’t think my mother knows about that one either…

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