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Trail Mix Tip!

Trail mix has become one of my favorite snacks. It’s easy to mix up, portable, and super tasty. I often get hungry in the middle of class, so I’ve taken to throwing a snack mix together on my way out in the morning. Almost anything can work in a trail mix – nuts, a few candies, dried fruit, popcorn, cereals, you get the idea. That’s why I think trail mixes are the best, you can make your own personal and perfect mix! 

My mix is usually made up of sliced or whole almonds, some marshmallows, pretzels or granola, and maybe some chocolate chips or M&Ms (as shown above). I really want to start buying dried fruit so that I can put that in my mixes as well. 

The coolest aspect of trail mix is all of the differences in texture and flavor. I am constantly amused by eating a few smooth almonds, and then some spiky, salty pretzels, and then reaching for a marshmallow or a chocolate chip for creaminess. The options for trail mix are endless! I’ve been thinking about a popcorn, white chocolate chip and dried cherry mix. I think that the sweet white chocolate will go well with the tart cherries and buttery popcorn. 

I’ll be honest, when I was making my picture-worthy trail mix I got really excited and decided to add some animal crackers. I was aiming for a healthy-ish trail mix, but I’m pretty sure that flew out the window when I added those addicting little buggers to the mix. 


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