My Mug Collection

I have a confession to make. I am obsessed with mugs. I love finding quirky ones on random websites or small home stores or bookstores. I’ve been collecting mugs since I was ten. It started as a few mugs in the back of my mother’s cupboard, but over the past nine years, my collection has grown so much that it requires its own big shelf!

I really like mugs that stand out and are unique. Here are my top five favorite mugs.

#1: The Toilet Bowl

I just got this mug in December, after finding ThisIsWhyImBroke.com, where tons of goofy stuff is available to buy. I saw this mug and started laughing! I like this mug because it’s huge and very unique. Whenever I bring my friends over for hot chocolate, they argue about who gets to use the toilet mug. 

#2: The Earth Lore Mug

This mug is from one of my favorite stores, Earth Lore, in Plymouth, Michigan. This is another large mug, that keeps my drink super warm. Whenever I drink out of this mug, I read the little quote on the front that says, “Your spiritual oasis in a busy world” and I feel much more at peace. My favorite time to use this mug is in the gloomy afternoon of a hectic, rainy day – basically, every Thursday. It’s a nice start to the winding down of the week,

#3: The Oscar Schindler Mug

I bought this mug in Poland last year, when I went on an abroad class that studied the Nazi occupation of the 1940s and the Holocaust across Europe. (I’m a closet World War 2 nerd!) We spent an afternoon in the museum that has been renovated in the original Schindler factory space. The design on the front of the mug is a drawing of the factory gates, and the words beneath the drawing are “Fabryka emalia, Oskara Schindlera, Lipowa 4” which translates into “Enamel Factory, Oskar Schindler, Lime Tree 4”. The Lime Tree 4 is the address of Schindler’s factory. This mug is an exact copy of the mugs that Oskar Schindler’s factory made in the early parts of the war. Fun fact about this mug: it measures out exactly 1 cup!

#4: The-Mug-That-Keeps-Your-Hands-Warm-While-Your-Hands-Keep -Your-Drink-Warm-Mug

That title is correct, it says exactly how this mug works. You fit your hand inside the space, which curves around the rest of the mug. Your hand stays warm from the drink inside the mug, and your warm hand keeps your drink even warmer! It’s a great cycle! It’s also beautiful to boot! I love the mossy green color and the vibrant purple streaks in the center. 

#5: The Wise Owl Mug

I fell in love with these big brown eyes last spring. I wasn’t having the best day, and I was feeling pretty low. I was walking into a shop with my mom when I saw two big round peepers staring at me from the entrance. I immediately bee-lined to the tall tower of mugs that this great, big owl was hanging from and snatched him up! I didn’t want any other shoppers walking away with my owl mug. I think that his eyes look like they see everything, maybe he’s seen which one of my roommates forgets to put his dishes in the dishwasher……


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