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The World’s Greatest Hot Chocolate

Last summer, I got a job in a cafe’ called The Chocolate House of Ann Arbor. We served ice cream, coffee drinks, and we made our own chocolate confections and truffles (I will share the recipes on this blog, don’t worry). I absolutely loved working there, it was my first official job in the food service industry. Unfortunately, the Chocolate House closed down, but I still have the recipe for the best thing that we made in the shop – hot chocolate!

This hot chocolate is so simple, it will blow your mind. You need two ingredients: milk and chocolate. No dutch process cocoa powder, no extra sugar, no salt necessary. Just milk and chocolate. Of course, the higher quality of chocolate that you use, the better, but when it comes down to it, any chocolate will taste great. We used Callebaut chocolate in the shop, which is a very high quality Belgian chocolate that just melts in your mouth and leaves you feeling total bliss. There is a small shop in Ann Arbor called ‘By the Pound’, where they sell things by the pound, and I can buy blocks of Callebaut chocolate at a time. You can make this hot chocolate with any kind of chocolate; at the shop we did dark, milk and white chocolate. At the shop, we had chocolate kettles to keep the chocolate melted, and a fancy espresso machine that steamed the milk and chocolate together. But, for the broke college student, a saucepan and a burner works out much better.

Since I used the Callebaut that I bought from By the Pound, I had to chop it up, but chocolate chips will work perfectly. Callebaut chocolate comes in these huge, 11 pound bricks that you have to break apart. At the shop, we actually used to take a hammer to it! It was great after a huge rush of customers, whenever I or one of my coworkers at the shop got really frustrated, we’d go break some chocolate. 

You begin the hot chocolate by measuring out 1 cup of chocolate and melting it in a saucepan. 

When that all gets melted, you add 4 cups of milk to it. By the way, it also tastes great with soy milk! We used to offer people soy milk as a substitute in the shop. 

Stir it all around until the chocolate blends in with the milk. The amount of chocolate and milk that I used will make at least 2 but possibly up to 4 servings, depending on the size of your mug. I collect mugs, especially large ones, so my serving sizes are all over the place. But, if you want to make a single, small cup of hot chocolate for yourself to get the day started, you should use 1/4 cup or 1 ounce of chocolate to 1 cup of milk. And then you’ll be as obsessed with this hot chocolate as I am. 


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