Hello World, my name is Emily!

When I was five, I discovered the Food Network. My eyes were glued to the television whenever Paula Deen or Ina Garten came on. I watched them prepare incredible meals for their families and I decided that that’s what I wanted to do too.  The first meal I ever prepared for my family was microwave French fries and chicken nuggets. They chuckled, but acted like it was the best meal that they had ever eaten.

I promise that my culinary skills have increased! I really began cooking ‘grown-up’ food a few summers ago, when my boyfriend, Tyrus, got a retail job and got lunch breaks. I was on summer break from school and had all the time in the world. I would spend all morning preparing two-course meals into Tupperware containers. I remember the first dish I brought to Ty was shrimp and broccoli pasta with a coffee cake for dessert – two recipes that I will, of course, share on this blog.

Since that started, I’ve spent countless hours reading cookbooks, dreaming of entering culinary school and someday opening my own bakery. This blog is my first step in creating my culinary future.
Here goes nuthin’!

One thought on “Hello World, my name is Emily!

  1. Hi Emily!
    Thanks for sharing your recipes! I am going to make the Traditional Irish Stew tonight looks great!! Can't wait to try the bloody chocolate chip cookies! and I am a mug fanatic! 🙂 Keep on adding recipes!


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