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Desperate Dinners

5 easy, delicious meals to cook when you can’t even….

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Vegan Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Easy vegan, gluten-free, chocolate chip pancakes for weekend brunches and weekday dinners!

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Tofu Tips

Think you don’t like tofu? Don’t knock it until you’ve tried these tips!

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Apple Berry Crisp

Note to self: Next year, buy the fruit before the fourth of July… I’ve never been one to get psyched for the fourth of July. I was looking forward to this holiday as a free day to clean my house. No plans, just me attacking the shower tiles and eating leftover Chinese for dinner. But, when… Continue reading Apple Berry Crisp

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Chocolate Banana Bread

I get legitimately bothered when I have to throw away produce. I buy it when it’s fresh and beautiful and then I just let it die. I’m ashamed of how much produce I’ve thrown away because I didn’t get around to using it before it went bad. So to ease my guilt and reduce my… Continue reading Chocolate Banana Bread

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Mistakes I’ve Consumed since becoming Vegan

Read about the mistakes that I’ve eaten since becoming vegan to avoid them yourself!

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My Instagram Photo was Credited on PETA.com!

One of my Instagram posts was featured in an article on PETA.com!

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Vegan Black Bean Taquitos

Spicy Black Bean Taquitos – an easy, plant-based dinner!

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Mexican Tempeh Dip

A Mexican vegan dip that would fool any carnivore!